Prestaflator Bicycle Tire Inflator – Presta and Schrader Air Compressor Tool

Prestaflator Bicycle Tire Inflator – Presta and Schrader Air Compressor Tool


  • Push/pull Alloy QuickClick2™ Angle Presta head.
  • Durable, rebuild-able, won’t bend the Presta pin or clog w/Sealants.
  • NEW – Quick-Clip Automotive Schrader head included!
  • Steel Gauge w/large Cooper coil internals for better accuracy.
  • Nickel-plated handle, variable-rate trigger, rebuild-able seals.
  • Reinforced high flexibility hose.

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The original – Prestaflator!

The Prestaflator is designed with a long-throw trigger valve. Use a light squeeze or brief, rapid shots to gently inflate Bike tires to your desired pressure over a few seconds. A full squeeze on the trigger provides maximum pressure for seating tubeless tires. The dial pressure gauge lets you follow your progress visually. Designed for MTB & Road tires with a wide range of pressure requirements.

NEW Urethane Elastomer Head for Tubeless & removable cores.

The Prestaflator uses our new angled push/pull head with Urethane Elastomer Grommet. It’s the fastest and easiest Presta valve connection. It’s softer and stronger than our previous version.  It lasts more than 5 times longer, gives a better seal and flexes to work anywhere along the Presta shaft for better tubeless tire application.

Spin-on Schrader Hose head makes it a multi-purpose tool:

The Schrader Head on the hose threads right onto Automotive style valves.  The variable trigger on the tool makes it great for all sizes of tires: Automotive, Bicycles, Tractors, ATV’s and more!

Add optional accessories for even more functionality:

Ours has the best seal plus the easiest installation & removal of any Disc head. Smallest head – fits ALL Disc wheels. Works so well it’s an everyday-use Presta head. Right-angle design is great for tight areas with Standard Schrader air valves. Firm spring clip holds at high pressures. Low profile design fits Kids bikes, Scooters and Motorcycles. The Big Quick-Click™ push/pull Tubeless Presta head works with or without the valve core removed for high flow tire seating. Shop duty for long-life Presta inflation. Prestacycle 1/4″ I/M 6061-T6 Alloy Quick Coupler Kit upgrades all your air tools to Prestacycle quality. 1/3 the weight of Steel or Brass, makes your air hose easier to handle.


TECH_Prestaflator-1Prestaflator is engineered specifically for the needs of bicycles and bicyclists. Only top quality materials are used for it’s components. We start with a cast Aluminum body and give it a bead blasted finish. Next we use 6061-T6 Alloy, Chrome and Stainless Steel components for all connectors and moving parts. The hose is made in USA of reinforced polyurethane. It’s 3X more flexible than our original Black hose and is rated for 300 PSI of continuous use. Smooth alloy clamps on the hose are more comfortable for use of the spinner head and are corrosion resistant.

Tech_ends_smPrestaflator’s unique variable-rate trigger plunger is long and narrow. Behind the trigger is a high-force spring. This allows the user to more easily regulate very small amounts of air to reach the exact pressure desired in even the smallest racing tires.

The pressure gauge has a durable steel case covered with a rubber shock housing and offers accuracy with +/- 2%.  The dial has a bicycle-specific pressure range of 12 Bar/174 PSI. It’s high enough to inflate any daily-use tire, but not excessive so the gauge is easy to read.


TECH_Prestaflator-3Prestaflator is designed to offer years of reliable service. The body has a ¼” male threaded adapter so you can install many types of connectors. It comes with the most commonly-used ¼” I/M Quick Coupler in the box and ready to install with no tape or glue needed.

The hose, trigger and pressure release mechanisms are all threaded and installed using #7 O-Rings. They can all be removed and serviced with a 14 mm wrench. We offer rebuild kits so you can service and maintain your Prestaflator anytime.

The Presta / Schrader heads and couplers are made of 6061-T6 Alloy. They’re as strong as Brass, but only 1/3 the weight. This is no place for plastic. Drop your hose on the concrete with plastic pump heads and they could break. The Presta head connects to your tire valve with our new improved easy-on easy-off “24.1 pump head gasket”. Replacements are available through any cycling supply source.

Automotive Inflators

Beware of cheap imitations using Automotive inflators and plastic multipurpose heads.  They may look similar but are not the same as Prestaflator and may not be safe at bicycle pressures.  They use lower quality materials throughout, one-time glue assembly and low grade plastic pressure gauges to bring down the quality and price. Don’t let a gauge with a high pressure range fool you … inside the package are safety warnings. Even one with a 230 PSI gauge may only be rated for 70 PSI maximum use. Use one of those on a bike and the weaker seams on the body may crack, the air hose could burst or the connector could blast off the wheel. As soon as one seam or glued seal fails you get no reading from the pressure gauge. Failure and disposal of automotive inflators is common.

Prestaflator is different… a high quality, serviceable tool… designed, built and warranted for use on Bicycles.


  • Variable-rate trigger!
  • Presta AND Schrader!
  • Professional shop-grade tool.
  • 6061-T6 Alloy Presta Head.
  • Replaceable I/M compressor quick-release attachment.
  • 174 PSI (in 2 PSI increments).
  • 12 Bar (in 0.1 Bar increments).
  • Large 2 ¼” / 6 cm dial pressure gauge.
  • Rubber pressure gauge housing for shock protection.
  • Cast aluminum pistol grip handle with bead-blasted finish.
  • Two-finger trigger valve for precise air flow regulation.
  • Thumb-control pressure release button.
  • High-pressure hose for easy access on any wheel.
  • Head accepts many thread-on accessory Heads.


Air compressor and air hose with quick release connector required for use – not included.
Maximum air pressure is limited by your compressor’s capabilities.


Air Compressors

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Can I get or change the gauge to a lower pressure range?

We don’t put lower range gauges on our tool, and our custom threads intentionally prevent users from doing this.

Most reasonably-priced consumer air compressors hold anywhere from 100 – 155 psi these days.  All it takes is for one-time to forget to unscrew and push the presta valve, and the first shot with the Prestaflator will instantly load the tool with the full pressure of the compressor.  If that pressure is higher than the gauge can read, the gauge has been instantly destroyed.

While compressors do have regulators to control output pressure, many consumers don’t understand the need to use them, and even when they do, they might have multiple applications for their compressor and forget to re-set when using a low pressure inflator.

Is it safe to use an air compressor with bicycle tires?

Your concern is exactly what Prestaflator was designed for. The Prestaflator offers a unique variable-rate trigger valve. Short bursts or a light squeeze on the trigger flows less air. Keep one finger or your thumb behind the trigger, and you can easily regulate small additions.

I am not familiar with your Quick Presta heads. How do I use it?

Just push the head onto the valve. Just enough to get past the loosened cap of the valve. You will feel a slight “click” sensation. It’s now on right where you need it. Threadless Presta valves may fall back into the rim when the tire is empty. Push on the tire side under the valve to keep it sticking out.

Why is the head sometimes hard to install or remove from the tire valve?

This problem has come-up more often with a few different brands of newer Presta valves. The problem has been that tube and tire makers increased the diameter of the spin cap of the Presta valve. That caused airflow blockage, and then bikers would push the head onto the valve farther than it is supposed to go. Once it’s on too far, it’s very hard to get off.

We’ve come out with a new design for the Rubber insert that solves this problem. It works great, and it goes on and off all new and old types of Presta valves very easily. All Prestaflator tools and Prestaflator Rebuild Kits shipped after June 10 2012 have this new 2013 model Rubber insert. You can purchase the Prestaflator Rebuild Kit to update any older Prestaflator tool. It also updates similar Silca Pump Heads.

How does it work for Schrader valves?

The hose threads right onto Schrader valves.  Our optional Quick-clip Schrader head is high pressure rated and faster for more frequent Schrader use.

Does Prestaflator release air from the tire with the push button?

No.  Our Quick heads are one-way only. We’ve designed our tool with a variable rate trigger which allows you to ease-up to the exact pressure you want. And once you take our head off, nothing from inside the tire is lost.

Does the gauge read the pressure in the tire or the incoming air pressure?

Once inflation has begun the gauge shows the pressure of the tire. It holds the tire pressure reading after inflation until the tool or pressure button is released. Technically speaking, it measures the pressure you have allowed to pass-through with the variable-rate trigger into the tool. The pressure inside the tool is equalized with the pressure inside the tire because pressure opens the presta valve. The presta valve closes itself when the pressure on both sides is equal.

Are there different kinds of Presta valves?

Presta Valves (also known as French valves) are standard. The greatest variation is whether or not the body is threaded for a hold-down nut. The Head used on the Prestaflator fits all types of Presta valves. The head maintains contact by friction with a rubber grommet.
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Prestacycle warrants the Prestaflator tool to be free of defective material or workmanship for ninety (90) days, and under the conditions stated herein. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of product found to be defective. Prestacycle assumes no liability for loss due to failure of any product to perform satisfactorily. Prestacycle makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, except that of title. Any and all other warranties are expressly disclaimed.

This warranty applies under conditions of intended use and is exclusive of equipment subjected to: Failure to follow recommended assembly and service procedures, Lack of proper maintenance, excessive duty cycle, exposure to the elements, shipping damage and modification not authorized by Prestacycle . No warranty claims will be honored without prior authorization for repair from Prestacycle . Any replaced or repaired equipment will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty term only.

User Manuals

Prestaflator Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Presta Pump Head Directions (PDF)


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