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Products - Parts & Accessories

Prestacycle Nitrogen Cylinder On-Board Mounting Bracket

Securely mount your Nitrogen system inside your vehicle. Quick release latch allows you to immediately secure or remove your system with no tools. Two sizes available to fit certain sized cylinders.

Steel construction, black finish, mounting hardware included. Can be secured to a floor or wall surface. Note: High pressure cylinder should only be transported and stored in an upright position.

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# OAB

Prestaflator Digital Gauge for Air Compressors & Floor Pumps

Most compressors have a regulator dial to pre-set maximum pressure. Our new Digital Gauge lets you set your inflation pressure to within 1/2 psi for incredible tire inflation accuracy! Has standard 1/8" threads that fit most air compressor regulators. Also fits some floor pumps that accept replacement gauges! (Does not fit directly onto a Prestaflator tool)

2 1/3 inch diameter with...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 77090
$29.95 USD

Prestacycle Torque Wrench Adapter

Fits all 1/4" socket-type torque wrenches for use with the Prestacycle Bicycle Bit Set. Our bits cost 1/10 the price of buying socket head sets to meet all the requirements of bicycles.

Using bits allows you to perform initial installation with our reversible mini ratchet - then leave the bit inside the job - remove the mini ratchet - and connect...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 24710
$1.95 USD

Prestaflator Body & Gauge

This is a replacement part. It does not include the hose, head or coupler plug. The gauge & body are sold only together as a unit to insure correct gauge calibration and leak-free seal at the sideways position.

Analog Dial Gauge:

High quality gauge uses a Steel housing and a rubber shock guard for shop-grade durability. Inside the gauge - copper mechanicals...

In Stock - Buy it Now!

(2) Quick-Click2™ Presta Head Washers

We redesigned the Head and Washer fit onto bike wheels easier with more room. Our new Quick-Click2™ design engages the Presta valve just below the cap threads. The head is very easy to get on and off, and gives a nice "click" feeling when it's installed in the right position.

Safe for all types of Presta valves, including tubeless and tubeless-conversion...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 71484
$2.95 USD

Quick-Click™ Presta Head Gasket

We redesigned the Presta Grommet in May 2012 to fit to modern standards.  Our design works so well, it's been copied by others including major floor pump makers. Our design engages the Presta valve just below the cap threads and requires less insertion. The head is now very easy to get on and off, and gives a nice “click” feeling...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 33118