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Products - Inflation Tools

Prestacycle Right-Angle Quick-Clip™ Schrader Head

Quick-Clip™ design for frequent Schrader use. Our oversized spring stands-up to high bicycle pressure for a good seal and safety. The compact angle head goes where even floor pump heads can't reach, like kids bikes and small scooter tires!

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 12671
$16.95 USD

Prestacycle Safety Blower / Low Pressure Inflator Tip

Allows you to reach into difficult places with your Prestaflator hose. Great for cleaning and drying parts on-or-off the bike. If the tip is blocked, The safety feature releases air away from your work so you can maintain control. Can also be used to inflate low pressure vinyl-valve items (beach-ball type). The safety release feature will help prevent over-inflation. Made...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 12672
$4.95 USD

Prestacycle 1/4″ I/M Alloy Quick Coupler Kit

Upgrade your heavy Brass or Steel coupler. Made with 6061-T6 Alloy - it's as strong as Brass and only 1/3 the weight. Less weight in your hand means you can focus more energy on your work. Coupler weight 31 grams, compare to around 100 grams for Brass or Steel.

I/M (Industrial / Mechanical) standard sizing will also fit your existing I/M...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 33111

Prestaflator Digital Gauge for Air Compressors & Floor Pumps

Most compressors have a regulator dial to pre-set maximum pressure. Our new Digital Gauge lets you set your inflation pressure to within 1/2 psi for incredible tire inflation accuracy! Has standard 1/8" threads that fit most air compressor regulators. Also fits some floor pumps that accept replacement gauges! (Does not fit directly onto a Prestaflator tool)

2 1/3 inch diameter with...

In Stock - Buy it Now! Part# 77090
$29.95 USD