Prestacycle Recognized as USDA BioPreferred Program Champion

USDA BioPreferred Program Champion - 20 year anniversary

Prestacycle® was recently awarded the title of “BioPreferred Program Champion” from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In addition to the title, Prestacycle® was supplied with a badge from the USDA that signifies a long-term commitment to using renewable materials, reducing the reliance on petroleum, supporting the bioeconomy and reducing adverse environmental impacts. 

One of the goals of the USDA BioPreferred Program is to increase the development, purchase and use of biobased products. Use of biobased products strengthens the US economy and supports farmers and rural America by creating new markets for their products and expanding existing markets. Biobased products are renewable alternatives to petroleum-based products, reduce reliance on petroleum and are safer for humans and the environment.

Prestacycle® One Liquid and Prestacycle® One Cream are USDA Certified Bio-based products. Each product was thoroughly tested by an independent third-party testing center for its biobased content. The testing is administered through the USDA BioPreferred Program, an initiative created by the 2002 Farm Bill (and recently reauthorized by the 2018 Farm Bill).

When you purchase Prestacycle® One lubricant, you are purchasing a premium, bio-based product that will not harm bicycle components. Petroleum and alcohol-based lubricants can harm paint finishes and carbon fiber. Because of the bio-based formula, Prestacycle One lubricant is better for the environment and better for your bike components.

An additional advantage of the agricultural formula is easy storage and transportation. Petroleum based lubricants require special storage and transportation conditions due to their harsh chemical components. Prestacycle® One lubricant can be stored and transported easily without worry.

USDA BioPreferred Program Champion - 20 year anniversary
USDA BioPreferred Program Champion - 20 year anniversary

The agricultural components of Prestacycle® One do not mean reduced performance; conversely, Prestacycle® One outperforms other petroleum-based lubricants. Prestacycle® One achieved a “No Fail” rating from the ASTM 4 Ball Wear Test. The test consists of a steel ball rotating against three lubricated stationary steel balls under a specified load, speed, temperature and time, per ASTM standards, to determine wear or failure. The test proves that Prestacycle® One will not fail even under the most extreme conditions!

Prestacycle® is honored to receive the title of “BioPreferred Program Champion”. Our commitment to providing safe, bio-based lubricants that are eco-friendly and support US agriculture will continue.